Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ode to Miss Howard,,

I try and keep my posts to a good balance between DSLR pictures and the occasional iphone snap because well life happens, but I love these by Dan too much not to share. These were taken the weekend before last at my best friends birthday party. She is Molly's unofficial Godmother and my rock for the past five years and I know she will be there for many many more. Her birthday was in fact on friday and I went to see her in Manchester, it was so good to get away and spend some time with her :) everyone need good friends and I'm SO lucky to have so many around. So thankyou, friends.
I have some exciting things to post over the next week but for now I really do need to sleep. I started my new job today! I have a really exciting dissertation to write. Aaand I chopped off all of my hair on a whim- I'll post on that too at some point! Anyhow, thankyou for all your comments and love lately, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to spend much time getting back to everyone but I do look at everyones blogs regularly even if the iPad won't let me comment (really need to invest in blogsy..). And hey, how cute is that hug?? That Molly really does love me, it's pretty special.
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