Monday, 16 July 2012

Over the weekend..

I did a little guest blog for Mama and baby website wigglyrascals over the weekend and until I wrote it I never knew I could be so pervy about a banana.. Anywho,, also this weekend I've watched a lot of Cold Feet, moaned about the weather, eaten two roast chickens and yep watched some more Cold Feet and moaned about the weather. Sort yourself out weather. Anyone would think it was summertime (!!)

Go read my post..
A woman’s weight is a heavy issue (..I couldn’t help it). Throw in a pregnancy and celebrity culture and we have a giant can of worms in our pantry! Every television program, magazine and book will tell you it’s O.K to embrace your new ‘curves’ but then provide us with image after image of tiny women who are back to size six figures just weeks after giving birth. What if you don’t get these mysterious curves, what if all your left with is less than pert boobs and a flabby tummy to contend with? Who prepares you for this!? Not Gok Wan’s waist cinching belt I can tell you.


  1. Baby Vanssss <3 SO cute! Isla's got a pink pair with hearts but her feet are too small to wear them still, booo,
    I've told you before, but I loved your guest post, great advice beautiful girllll xxxx

  2. Baby vans are so adorable!! xxx

  3. That guest post is wonderfully written! You have definitely given me some tips when it's my turn.

    And your hat is amazing! x

  4. Very impressed! I feel like a proud little sister right now! X

  5. well done on guest posting! (is that something to congratulate on? i'm not sure. i am anyway!)
    and also, i squealed, actually squealed, at the baby vans! molly is going to look like such a little mini you! xxx

  6. Ahh the Vans are so cute :) Just off to read your guest post now!x