Friday, 27 July 2012

Busy life is good life, right?

Things are a little gogogo around here. I'm used to having most of my time spent relaxing with Molly now it's work,
busy work busy. I love my job, and I love my course, and I love my family. But there's a lot of balancing going on.
I'm sorry my blog has been suffering. Though this weekend we plan to purge our home of clutter and clear our minds,
then maybe I'll be back to some sort of routine! Now can we take some time to enjoy this little girls determination and 
confidence when she has her little shoes on!? Oh I love them. And I love this dress that's really a 3-4 year olds top. 
And I love those CHUBBY KNEES! Those perfect little knees. I'm going to kiss them ohso when Molly wakes up. Sigh.
Oh those knees, those knees are perfection!


  1. My FAVOURITE little family, ohhhh you're so beautiful <3 xxxxx

  2. THAT LAST PICTURE IS SO SO SO SO CUTE!!! she is just gorgeous! clever little lady she is! hope you are all well! xxx

  3. Love these pictures so much! Matching CUTE :) Little molly is so precious xxx

  4. ahh i follow you on instagram and just found your blog your little girl is just beautiful! love the matching shoes! Ali xx