Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I can't believe it's Tuesday already! I was meant to be working all week however Molly has had a poorly tummy for over seven days now so I'm looking after her. She's good in her spirits, the doctor said she was the liveliest child with Gastroenteritis she has ever seen! So we are snuggling in our pyjamas on a strict diet of dry toast and very dilute squash (I have to give her butter I can't bear not to!) Anywho a little later than planned and a little more photo heavy than anyone would like, welcome to my Cregannan Lake, my favourite place on earth..
We got to Dolgellau mid-afternoon on Sunday but as the sun was shining we decided to go straight up to the lake because we had a feeling the weather would turn over our visit. All I can say is that it was 
as though the weather knew we were coming. The place looked GLORIOUS. There's no other way to describe it. Bright bright sunlight, and a crisp breeze from the sea. Visiting the lake is a little bittersweet for me. It's where we scattered my dad, on a rainy day seven years ago. It was the place he wanted to be. I remember sunday afternoons with him climbing the peak that rises above the lake, and being sat in the big rock slabs looking at the ocean. It really is a special place and I really truly loved sharing it with Molly and her little wellies. Please excuse my driving attire, it had been a long day and night before trying to pack everything into my little car!
(.. blame the wind for my sleazy squint, but you should see the other one I look evil!)


  1. You both look beautiful! :) As does the lake, argghgh!
    So pleased you had a lovely time Sioned, a nice well needed break! <3 xxx

  2. I think my three life goals are now the following:
    1. To look like you when I've had a baby (can't see this happening!!)
    2. To take pictures as pretty as this everywhere I go.
    3. TO GET SOME PINK FRILLY SOCKS TO WEAR WITH MY WELLIES!! Molly looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Awwh! This looks like such a beautiful place Sioned!
    You are such a cute family! I can't believe how grown up Miss Molly looks here!! What a cutiepie.


  4. aww, this is really cute and I love Molly's yellwo boots! adorable! xo