Thursday, 30 August 2012

Home now,,

Got home from Wales at 6pm this evening. We had a fabulous time. Too many late nights, good food 
and fun chasing little babes around the house. But now we are now home. And I have a full tummy
(thanks fish and chips), a hot bath running and clean sheets to snuggle into. 
Here's a couple of my favourites of Molly's first footsteps on a beach, ever. 
With Foxy ;)


  1. she is just the sweetest. I remember going to beach for the first time, its one of my earliest memories! I hope this is one of hers!
    xx Belle du Brighton

  2. Ahhh the yellow wellies - they look super cute!

    Jem xXx

  3. she looks so happy on the beach! i wish this was the kind of thing we all remembered! x

  4. Ohh Sioned she just gets cuter! So obsessed with her wellies. Sounds like a wonderful family holiday :) xxx