Friday, 24 August 2012

Three Reviews,,

I'm not really a 'reviewer'.
 But here we go with my three little reviews.. and an endearing picture of Molly in a hat ;)

Number one is of my dear pal Josh's new blog iwanttobeafarmer The title says it all really. Having grown up in a faming community and moved to the concrete filled landscape of Leicester I find it refreshing to of met Josh at University desperate to be a farmer whilst studying a literature degree !! His writing has a calming tone, and he and his girl Emma bought Molly this wonderful hat so if that isn't enough to encourage you to follow his journey I don't know what is. If you have anything to say on the matter or advise him in any way on his exciting future of cow pat, please do. I'm looking forward to many a visit to his 'one-day' little farmhouse with Molly to enjoy good home grown food, wine and a big farmhouse fire.

This is more of a recommendation.. 
I was super excited when Doron emailed me about this years Leicester Sky Ride which happens on Sunday! I adore my beautiful bike but I don't like riding on the road- let alone on the road with Molly on the back, SO a family trip on the Sky Ride would be just up me street (get it? no? too lame.. yeeeah) As it turns out we are going to Wales on Sunday for a little holiday and aren't able to make it. Therefore we won't be taking fun family pictures of Molly in a little helmet and cosying up to the wonderful Sky Crew who are working hard to make this exciting event happen each year- biiiiig sadface :( HOWEVER that's not to say you can't take your bike down and have a lovely day. It looks to be fantastic fun and if anything it's an excuse to get your bike out before our let down of a summer ends. The traffic free bike riding begins at 10am at Abby Park and has a set route all around Leicester. Next year Molly and I will be all over it with our matching helmets :)

Finally, the shocker- an unfavourable review!? Whaaaaaat ;) SHEINSIDE. So, let me begin. I have wanted this little Wilfox number since I saw it many months ago, but even in the sale it was like £160? Toooo much for a jumper on a student's budget (who also has a baby, a car, responsibilities..) THEN it happened, a beautiful knock-off appeared on ROMWE, another heartbreak to find it was sold out!! So I did a little digging and had a look on the next best blogger knock off site.. here it comes, Sheinside's version. My heart beat as I ordered the raggy knit for TWENTY POUNDS!!! I was so happy, you know when you get that amazing bargain that makes you smile for like a whole day. It was one of those moments. I even went to bed smiling. (This was a few weeks ago) And after what felt like forever, yesterday, it arrived. All I can describe it as is EW! It's shiny, itchy and small. Nowhere does it state that it is SHINY. And the image makes it look so plush, and soft and beautiful. Anyway, moral of the tale, stop buying stuff from Sheinside.. Never again. Heart break over a jumper. 

Well, wasn't this exciting? Maybe I'll do it again ;) Anyhoot. As we are away next week I'm going to attempt to schedule a post or two and I shall be intagraming all the way @teaandfairylights

Big love blogger x


  1. The farmer hat AND yellow wellies: could Molly get any more adorable!?! :-)

    Refreshing to hear about someone who wants to go into farming, we need more of our generation to feel the same way as farming is struggling in some areas and could use some new blood and new ideas! :-)

    Jem xXx

    1. Eee thankyou Jem. And no.. I'm not pregnant ;) it just happens to be a busy 9 months coming up haha!

      I know, big time. And the cut backs farmers are having to make to keep prices competitive :( As soon as I graduate I plan to buy all our meat from the farmers market to start supporting them. Unfortunately I currently don't have the bank balance to handle it yet xxxx