Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A little party,,

So this weekend my momma turned 60! And oh my gawd she does not look it. Lets hope we got that gene hey bro and sis ;) I don't normally mention family things too much outside of Jamie, Molly and I because I respect everyone's privacy but this is too amusing not to share. So the three of us siblings had three jobs between us. I was to make the decorations, Rhiannon was to make the cake, and James was to arrive (he is a notorious train misser). So me being last minute me, was up 'til 1.30am making decorations the night before I had to drive 150miles so you could say I failed miserably on that front. Rhiannon couldn't take the cake on the train for fear of it breaking so her fiancé had to drive it to us after the party had began (thankyou Mark!) and James missed his intended train! Jamie enjoyed pointing out what horrendous children we are- love you really mum! Anywho it worked out quite well. Turned out I made more than enough decorations and didn't fall asleep on the motorway, Mark brought Rhiannon's INCREDIBLE cake with plenty of time before it had to be brought out to sing 'Penblwydd Hapus' and it's just as well James got the later train as it meant he could get a lift with Rhiannon and the kiddies from the train station in Machynlleth. Whoo for us! Oh and Happy 60th Birthday Mama :)


  1. that cake is fantastic! hope you all had a lovely time x

  2. Machynlleth? I'm from Tywyn! Its so good to see a blogger thats not from London or surrounding areas! :) Love the cake!! xx