Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Molly's New Art Station,,

I love Ikea, this easel/art station was only Sixteen pounds, and my god it was worth every penny! Molly spent the morning with the white board and pens, then on to the chalkboard after breakfast & bathtime, then onto paper and crayons in the afternoon. She even found a paint brush at one point! We had the best day. I would of loved one of these as a child, I was obsessed with art, drawing, colouring, painting, sticking and I'm so happy Molly is sharing the same enthusiasm. She's always loved crayoning with her sketchbook but there's something special about having her own creating station there for her at all times. And there are so many things I don't want to forget about yesterday. Like the way Molly couldn't contain her excitement when I produced her a pen to drawer on her whiteboard. She didn't even shout for her breakfast I had to convince her to take a break. And I mean, Molly loves food like, more than me, and I'm her Mama. So I guess it now goes art, food, mama! 

Things to savour
-Molly's tiny 'topknot'.
-Her concentration as she drew picture after picture. She looked so intelligent, so at peace.
-The way she ran over with a drawing implement every 10 minutes for validation of her work and a big hug.
-The way she would pause to have a dance everytime a song she liked came on the radio.
-Her tippy toes. Her tippy toes are still and will always be my favourite.


  1. Oh my gosh, I actually can't get over how grown up she is here! Her hair, her dress, her concentration! She is so adorable. You guys are the cutest. xxx

  2. This is the cutest, EVER. Her little top knot, oh my heart <3 You two are my favourite :) xxxxxxx

  3. Oh my goodness this is adorable! She looks so focused on what she's doing. Loving her artist outfit!


  4. I think you might possibly have the best dressed child I've ever seen, she always looks so adorable! xxx

  5. We are getting this for Louie's birthday present along with a craft chest I am putting together! I hope Lou loves it as much as Molly!

  6. She's got so big! Such a gorgeous little toddler now, her dress is beyond cute. I want an art station...xxx

  7. AHHHHHH! she looks like such a little girl here!! hate to remind you, but she's no longer a baby - turning into such a little person! n'awhh, I can't stop awh'ing! xxx

  8. Oh my goodness. Perfect. I want to come over and have an art party with you two. I can't get over how cute this is.