Monday, 8 October 2012

October so far,

October is passing even quicker than September did. This weekend I was mostly anti-domestic. I spent Saturday celebrating Cesk's birthday, and Nemz' departure to Barbados.. for good! Holiday destination much?? We enjoyed chicken, a lot of cocktails and the best night in with the girls! Thankyou Chloe, Chaz Cesk and Nemily <3 So, I would like to add that I was home in time to feed Molly her tea, bath and snuggle her into bed but then I was out again all day Sunday too! To IKEA! Home improvement with Hermione. I'm sad to say I am returning the above rug. It is beautiful but just too small. I did stock up on candles, a bookcase (I went for black to match our clock and tv stand but I'm feeling a little nervous my heart is with white wash everything) and an art station for Molly. More on that later.

We're off to Wales on friday for my mother's 60th! Oh my gosh she does not look it! I'm very excited to  feel real autumn. It's still very mild here and to be honest I'm just not feeling the 'fall' spirit. Maybe I need to find some leaves or something! Anyway I'm hoping to get the bug while we're there and bring back the countryside winter mood with me ready for more cosying up. I might buy a pumpkin during our shop tonight. Then it's the run up to mine and my sisters birthday! Eek. So much is going on. I'm hoping November will go a little slower, but knowing uni and a weekend away with the girls in Nottingham it'll pass even faster! Where did the time go? 

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  1. Such pretty pictures Sioned, you always delight my eyes with your posts! Shame the rug wasn't quite right. Cannot wait to see Molly's art station, I'm so broody every time you talk about Molly! Hope you have a lovely time in Wales pretty lady xxxxxx