Thursday, 4 October 2012

Beauty in Leather,,

I am utterly in love with this bag. Jamie believes it would reach my feet but I think it is just WONDERFUL. I could actually fit a kitchen sink in it, and enough room for nappies to spare! It reminds me of cold winter days. And driving-through-countryside music. And feeling excitedly apprehensive. I'm really in the mood to move to the woods and write my book. It's funny how an item can make you feel so many things. How the turn of a season, a crisp rainbow can make your insides feel warm. Recently I talked about how I wish to live more in the moment. And I am doing just that. Music, candles, fineliners and books. Normal stuff that is easy to forget in a time where I have suddenly realised how immersed in social media I am. Such little things just make me feel a bit more happy and whole. And not getting lost in the speed time seems to flow these days. I think this bag represents this change. Or maybe I'm just making excuses ;)


  1. I love It!! It'd be perfect for lugging around everything and anything! Did you buy it?! I clicked the link and it was sold! :p

    Lots of love xox

  2. Living in the moment is the best you can do! take time for it. xx