Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pictures from before, words on today,,

Molly loved our morning (I say morning- half an hour) of playing with mama's camera and walking in the mud for Josh's photos. It was a perfect autumn morning. Today was the same, brilliant sunshine and a crisp clear air.. so I'm going to talk about that with these pictures. It's not often I feel relaxed on a day off with Molly. Maybe it's the weather but I always have a million and one things to do out and around the house and I'm always over-tired(despite my general bedtime being 9.30!), but today for some reason I had loads of positive energy. (Don't let this fool you I still have loads of cleaning to do, a camera full of hamburg photos and a hand-in due for friday) So, this morning we took Jamie to work, did the weeks food shop, scored Molly a gruffalo suite for £10.50! and blitzed the house all before my grandparents arrived for coffee time. It was quite wonderful I had the kitchen window open to freshen the place which if you've been around lately you'll know it's faar to cold and rainy to do, it sort of felt like spring. Molly is finally having her nap now they have gone, and I am sat feeling rather smug with an earl grey and being excited that we've finished Miss Moo's Christmas shopping. Now for the rest of the family and the wrapping and the cards! I'm so excited! 


  1. ohhh I love you two <3 Molly is growing up so beautifully, owww xxxx

  2. These pictures are so lovely! Your day sounds perfect, I have had a weekend like this, unusual calm where I've felt like I can enjoy my little family instead of worrying about the thousands of things I should be doing.
    And Molly is just adorable!!

  3. Molly is seriously gorgeous. And those little yellow gumboots... sigh! x