Thursday, 15 November 2012

All packed up,,

So, we're off to Hamburg very soon! I'm super excited and super heartbroken all at the same time (and yep I said superrr). I'm not good at leaving Molly. I've only left her for two nights this year, and it's really hard this time. I miss her so much already. It was like walking away from my soul tonight, Jamie had to bully me away. Look how perfect and round her cheeks are. And that toothy smile. And her fluffy mullet!! She's so perfect. I hope she never forgets how perfect she is. I couldn't be luckier to of created my best friend. Yesterday she tried to change her own nappy it was so sweet, and lately she's started to really hug me back. I'm just waiting on that 'I love you mama'. I know I'll cry the first time I hear it, her voice is so melodic. I'll be listening to this the entire plane ride and staring at her pictures <3

I love you Molly Rose, I'll see you on Sunday and I won't let you go x


  1. omg this is so sweet, Molly is the most adorable little girl & you sound like a perfect little mama (: I hope you have an amazing trip to Hamburg!

    L x

  2. This made me shed a little tear :( have a great time in Hamburg, I say this in like every comment on this blog but you really are the sweetest little family xo

  3. Oh dear, I started crying at this!

    Really sweet! Time will fly though and you'll be reunited. <3