Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Day,,

Merry Christmas! I hope you've all had a wonderful two days of festive family fun. Molly has really got into the present opening this year, though I think she got a little overwhelmed after about 5 gifts because we don't buy her a lot of new things regularly. She's used to the occasional special thing but most of her toys are second hand from her older cousins and she's had them over a lot of time. I think she found it a little strange to have so much at once and she was so fascinated by each individual toy and book she paused to play with it for aaages before opening another. Wonderful to watch but boring when I wanted to play with her new things! Jamie and I ended up ripping ALL of ours before she was ready to carry on. We needn't of bothered getting her anything, she had so much bless her that she had three left to open today! Her guitar was the very last to be enjoyed and it seems to be her favourite she strums it and sings 'Gitaaaah' I've taken some videos I hope to edit at some point so you might get to see them before next Christmas! Haha. So for now, here are some badly taken and edited pictures from the last two days.
I title the last one, 'Enough Now' ;)

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  1. the cutest family in the world! I hope you had an incredible christmas :) xxxx

  2. This is the cutest! Molly is so adorable. I hope I'm as good of a mummy as you are to Molly! She's such a treasure and starting to look a lot more like you these days!
    I hope you guys had a fabulous Christmas! xx

  3. Also, just noticed your matching onesies. So cute! x

  4. Awhhh Molly is adorable, she's growing so much!! xxxx

  5. This is the cutest Christmas post I've seen! The onesies, Molly's bed-head hair, the puppy and the sweet kissy pictures! I absolutely love this! I'm glad you had such a good Xmas! <3 <3

  6. Aww I absolutely ADORE your Christmas photos!! She looks like she had an amazing time and by the looks of things so did Mummy and Daddy! XxxX