Saturday, 19 January 2013

Around this house,,

We're snuggled in the house today, it's ever so cold in the snow. I hope you're all wrapped up warm! Later we might go for a little walk but right now I'm reading with a blanket and some tea. I'm feeling festive again- is that weird? We spend a lot more time at home than we ever have since getting Klaus, which has been kind of necessary for our finances but also very nice. However I'm getting the decorating bug as a result.

On my list of things to do this year are a few home improvements (maybe more than a few...) Here's a little inspiration board I've compiled from pinterest images for Molly's corner of the living room.
-I would first, like to buy a new lamp for our lounge, as ours has died a death. I'm quite liking this one though I'm open to cheaper options.
-At some point this year, it would be nice to buy an armchair to replace our old two seater, but for now guests will have to enjoy the floor ;) How delicious a thought, a nice chair to snuggle and read in with Molly.
-Next, to build a teepee for all of us to play in. It was my intention to build it for Molly's second birthday next month, sadly I don't think I'll have the time. When I do get around to it, we will use this tutorial but make it taller and a little smaller in width (our home is tiny) in a plain canvas or white fabric.
-To go inside the teepee I'd love to collect a couple more of these dolls and make some cushions like the above mountain range, a house cushion and a cloud.
Quite a bit to do but I think it will look lovely when it's done. The arm chair will definitely be our first purchase once I've graduated/got a real job, ha. But for now I shall continue to pin away ;)

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