Tuesday, 15 January 2013

To end my 2012 photo album I am yet to make,,

For some reason these pictures aren't coming up sharp but no matter. How beautiful is that little girl right there?? She's perfect. We're very lucky to have a toddler who behaves so well when out to dinner (watch now next time we go out..) I suppose it's because she's always come out with us, we don't pen her at home a lot so last week was a bit of a test (for both of us) I am glad she is better and playing with her best girl at her Childminders today!! I've missed my study time, and I am now another week behind, as always. These will be my final set to put in our 2012 album, which will get made in, well, May 2013!! Ha. 

I can feel myself getting bloggers block again, too many things worrying my mind and no where to collect my thoughts. Work situations in the UK, student debts, car worries and weather worries. In fact I'm off to turn off the heating put my coat back ON and finish my essay on Working Class fiction in the 19th Century. Things were awfully similar under the Tory government then as they are rapidly degenerating to now.. these aren't exactly the topics people come here to read, so I'll just stop typing before this becomes an essay. And get back to, you know, the essay at hand. But if you have some time on your hands, sign this because I'll be honest I don't like the idea of Arriva being in charge of a family members emergency journey to hospital should we ever need to dial 999.  And a few, other, articles to look into.. My facebook has just become a hub for article links, so I'm sorry if you've seen all of these before ;)

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