Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dog in a turtle kneck.

I had a feeling Klaus was feeling a little left out on the blogging side of things, I mean look how much he's grown!!! I can't believe her was ever this little! Aand who doesn't love a little Klaus in a chunky knit ;)

This weekend was wonderful, our dear friends got married under a thick blanket of snow (at least it wasn't melty rubbish snow!) and we made our first snow man with Molly, we didn't get around to it last time.. photo's and a film will follow. Though I must admit I kinda feel like I need another weekend to recover from the late nights.

I'm feeling surprisingly calm as we move from one chapter of our lives onto the next, we've been a long way since I first began my tumblr after living with Jamie for five months, and I'm feeling exited, inspired and full of love for the next many years I hope we can grow together as a family. For now, back to work. I hope you have a wonderful week dear friends.


  1. He is so adorable! What type of dog is he? xx

  2. he is so cuuuuute ! tell him we're always happy to see him on here ;)

  3. Awh this is unbelievably cute, oh my!xx