Monday, 6 May 2013


"A portrait of Molly, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Yesterday at Lillie's birthday bbq, Molly lasted all day without a nap! Not so good for us when she woke up at 6.15 this morning. She's the type of girl who- the more she sleeps, the more she sleeps. I promise not to forget how you held my hand in Gangan's car. It's the sweetest thing, your little paw. 

I finished my dissertation 3am thursday night, I'm so unhappy with it/happy it's over/wanting to start it again. I didn't answer my own internal challenges through it, which was my personal aim. And I didn't make myself proud. Though I did make myself cry at the end. I daren't read it back, it's too late and it will kill me. I suppose I'm never going to feel proud about any piece of writing. I never do, but at this moment I wish I could go back six months. It's so odd, I've been wishing them away for such a long time! Then again if I did I'd probably live at the library, and one thing I can say about this final year is despite studying working and having a (bit) of a social life, my family time has never suffered. And that's most important. I'll read it back when I've graduated. Maybe. I have two essays left, 3000 words for tomorrow, 2000 for Thursday. Then, then I am going to sleep. Really really sleep. And clean! Oh my god, my house will be so clean. 

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  1. congratulations on finishing the dissertation (even if you're not happy with it!). i'm sure it's fine, but i can also imagine that nothing anyone can say will make you feel better about it - i'm the same, i'm never happy with anything i've written either! x

  2. Everyone has his unique childhood.
    Best wishes to all babies!

  3. Congratulations! Even though it's hard to ever feel pleased with our own writing you should be proud of yourself for finishing :) I start mine this summer and I can imagine it's a LOT of work!

    Molly is just lovely :)

  4. Be proud, be very proud Sioned. Never be less than proud. You are a heroine. Jamie and Molly are blessed. Go well, don't look back, your imagination and bright outlook will always take you forward, you are blessed x x x x