Monday, 24 June 2013

Dear Blog (and kind readers)

Pictures from the first time Molly ever walked.

Things have been a little quiet over here. I've not felt much like writing or editing pictures. A lot of it has to do with the constant backing up, then deleting to make room for more. And, I've just not wanted to sit at my laptop. 

Life has been wonderful. It really really has. We have a nice rhythm going on in our household, days at home, days at work, days with friends, and a lot of time together just being. Writing about it just hasn't really come up. But I should like to get back into this rhythm too as it's something I like going back over- it's good to have an organised memory bank of sorts. It helps me figure out what days and months things happened on. My memory is the worst. It's quite frightening sometimes.

I plan on catching up on my 52 project this week in two parts. I can't wait to make it into a book at Christmas and it's the worst thing about this unplanned break I've taken. I've got the pictures I just need to sit over the words to go with. 

Yesterday we emptied out attic. I say emptied, there's still a lot of stuff up there. But we got rid of a considerable amount of rubbish we really didn't need. I went through Molly's clothes (I had kept them ALL) which has made me rather sentimental hence the pictures above. There are so many I never published! She was so little. I wonder if there will ever be more little wrists to twirl around in those tiny sleeves ever again. 

But, I don't want to ignore the present so I won't be bringing too many 'old' photos out. 

Today I will be dumping the old stuff at a local charity shop and then getting working on the rest of the house. I'm slowly working through my 2013 goals list and clearing out will make that even easier. I guess half-way through the year is a great time to review our home, goal list and plans together as a family. Lots of exciting things this end but not to get too carried away with. I'm learning patience, I think. Ha, I'm the worst at waiting.

So there we have it. I'm still bumbling around on twitter and instagram, just not so frequently. I can't tell you the amount of times I've watched Finding Nemo, I think I'd rather not know ;)

Time is just flying by- my hair is nearly that long again!


  1. I like using my blog as somewhere to record my life and remember what happened when :) It's amazing how quickly children grow and change isn't it? When I meet some of the little children I've taught in the past I can never believe how different they are! At least Finding Nemo is a good film, I'll never forget the time I had to watch Barbie Swan Lake... haha

    1. SO FAST, it happens soso fast.

      Oh my god I'd rather dieee than watch a barbie film hahaaa!

      I love Finding Nemo so I'm lucky there, and also Finding Dory is coming out soon so I'll have a little fish variety ;) xx