Friday, 30 August 2013

I don't wanna ever forget tonight.

I have a scheduled post for today but tonight I want to make note of the most perfect evening. So over the last week Molly has been potty training. She took to it right the way and I'm glad we waited, she was ready. And she's grown up so much since doing it too. Anyway, Jamie's out tonight and I gave Molly a late dinner because I had some phone calls to make and I wasn't going to give her a bath, but then she did a wee on the 'big girl toilet' - not her potty but the ACTUAL toilet so I was like, ok have a bath princess. So she had her bath and it was past her bedtime and I was going to bundle her into bed (it's been a lonng ass day 8-5 yo) and then she was like horsey-horsey on Mommy's bed (it's this dancing on my knee routine while she dries off). Then I was tickling her and it was great I was like, the funniest tickle monster ever. THEN we ended up IN my bed where we were 'hiding' and making a tent and giggling together and I wanted to freeze that moment and hold onto it. Then it really was bedtime she was still nakey so pyjama time it was. Then story time, which, every night I want to bottle. And finally time for our 'stars' song. This is a new thing. Possibly my favourite thing.. We sing Twinkle Twinkle and the North Star song from Peppa Pig and it is just magic. 

If you don't believe in magic, sing star songs with the person you love most in the world because it is, magic.

Happy Friday :)


  1. This is the cutest ever. Well done Molly for being such a big girl, she really has grown into a perfect little lady! I remember when she was in your tummy! xo

  2. You two are still and quite possibly will always be my favourite ever <3 She is so so beautiful! xxxxx

  3. This made me so excited for when Athena is older... I love how you document your special moments x

  4. This sounds like such a perfect moment to remember, she is the cutestxx

  5. I love, love, love those moments that you want to freeze. I'm always torn between stopping and stepping back and observing; or just trying not to overthink it and soaking in the present!

    Sounds like the sweetest evening! (And congrats on the BIG potty!)