Monday, 2 September 2013

September is made for tea and slowing down

When Zoe from the Kettle Shed contacted me about reviewing some tea I was SO excited, obviously I like tea.. Especially tea I get to play with brew in a pot! But what I also liked was Zoe's tenor. The lovely lady behind the tea is a single mum to two beautiful girls, one who is starting University, and the other who's close to Molly in age. Possibly the two most intense ages to be parenting, loving and working hard for- the working is where The Kettle Shed comes in. Who could start a business with all of this going on?? I'm incredibly inspired. This lady is showing what being a strong empowered woman is. And I shall be buying lots of tea from her, the perfect gift for others.. and for me.
The black tea I've found is perfect first thing in the morning as a nice pick-me-up. Knowing I have it brewing makes the morning potty clean up and kitchen mopping (Klaus can't quite hold it in at night yet) much easier. The herbal tea is great at around 10, when I need to get things done, you know the phone calls that need to be made, other boring stuff. Fruity tea makes me feel calmer. And the green works best for me in the afternoon after my lunch. It stops me from snacking. Jamie summed me up the other day: 
'One part dinner, seven parts desert.'
As well as online, Zoe sells at the Chiswick food and drink market at dukes meadow, every second and fourth week of the month. The tea was gifted but I really love her ethos and will continue to drink from The Kettle Shed. 


  1. Might have to check that shop out, I do love a good brew!

    1. I know how you love your green tea Walch!! It's really nice :) xx

  2. Beautiful photos! I love how you've presented it all, it's a bit like a chinese tea shop ambiancexx

  3. These teas look and sound gorgeous!

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    Thanks x

  4. This tea looks so perfect <3 x

  5. Thank you for reviewing our Teas and very glad you liked them. My website has been down with a change over this week! its all back up and running. Id like to offer all readers, a free infuser with all orders over £10. Please mention were your from at ordering and ill make sure its sent out.. Zoe @ The Kettle Shed...