Wednesday, 11 September 2013


"A portrait of Molly, once a week, every week, in 2013."

She, is my wild. Words after the jump.. it's been quite a catchup.

Graduation flowers. I promise not to forget how you are the reason I have the drive to achieve, I love that you shouted 'mommy mommy!' when I walked across the stage. And I wish I knew who was rude about your presence at the ceremony, because she would of had a speech about how proud I am of you!

Shooting off together, Molly's still a little small for her George scooter, given to her by none other than the wonderful Sam Bailey, our kind generous neighbour. I promise not to forget the mornings when Jamie is leaving for work and you demand 'Mommy and daddy HUG' which is quite wonderful considering it's usually just a quick kiss for us. You like it when we're affectionate.

Stories with Grandma, this family kitchen used to be a store room for MY Grandmothers book shop, which is now HER Grandma's wool shop. Generations and memories. I promise not to forget how at bedtime you want me to read all of your books, and you sit so well for them. This is the thing I've waited for most, I think.

On the mountain with my dad. This is my favourite place. I promise not to forget that night in Maesgwyn, you snuck into my bed and woke me up with your cold feet on my back! Cheeky madam. I loved sharing a bed with you though.

This is Molly doing her best 'photographer' impression. I promise not to forget that time you clocked me one on my nose with princess Repunzel, it was vicious an accident. I had the biggest bruise on my nose 'bump', which did not need attention drawing to it.

Painting with her cousin. I promise not to forget our art-materials shopping, another thing I've waited and waited for is crafting, making and painting time. I love our days at home together and I look forward to your special creations.

Ice creams, these are the last weeks of our summer. I promise not to forget our playtime in the garden. I've not met anyone who likes watering plants quite as much! Also, it's adorable when you ask me for your coat because 'I'm COLD'. 

She sat long enough for me to attempt to do a fringe plait, I hope I get better at those by the time she goes to school! I promise not to forget that time you suddenly started to sob with all your body and when I asked you why you was crying, you told me it was because your wings were broken. I gave you a hug and told you not to worry and I made a magic hand gesture and told you they were as sparkly as ever. You are so sensitive and sweet under all the demands and toddler shouting ;)

Molly, you are my wild.


  1. Molly's little bunches are the most adorable thing! You're such a good mummy Sioned, to have managed to raise such a lovely little mini person and complete an English Degree simultaneously is truly amazing. xx

  2. my most memorable summers are of when I was little in my mum and dads house, of when Jamie and Lindsay were little in our house, of when Alfie and Lillie are enjoying the summer at their house, and when Alfie, Lillie and Molly brings summer to our house. Enough summer to make a heart burst with joy! Our love always xx

  3. This is such a lovely idea to document those memories. Molly is adorable. You should be so proud of yourself for achieving what you have, boo to the rude person at your graduation ceremony.
    Heather x