Saturday, 21 September 2013



This month has been rather wonderful despite my car breaking. Snuggling down, rearranging, pie-baking (from scratch!), record playing, dancing, hibernating, eating, tea drinking and enjoying the first throws of a new season. We get our winters quickly in England and seem to wait forever for Summer. We've been eating a lot of steaming baked potatoes and hot, hot beans. Molly says 'ooh very hot, mmm blow mommy.' I've been living in the above dungarees, cardigans and of course, pyjamas.

September has been wonderful and yet, today I actually had a pretty rubbish day. Today and Thursday were pretty rubbish days. (Friday's I work so I don't really get a chance to have any emotions ha!). Today I was a rubbish mummy, a rubbish friend, a rubbish cook, a rubbish cleaner-upper and generally rubbish person. Funny thing is, I have no reason to feel rubbish. We have a lovely relatively clean home. My car is fixed- and we're looking to buy a new one soon enough. My Nain will be out of hospital all fingers crossed on Monday. And plenty of things to look forward to (my Birthday and the booze cruise to Ostend). I have a sneaky feeling it's to do with all the sugar I've been eating recently. On wednesday I gorged on chocolate with Jamie in response to all the news that my car needs a lot of work done (hence the new car) which would explain my feelings on Thursday. And yesterday at work I ate a ton and I mean a ton of sweets left over from our Charlie event for Royal Marsden. Sugar slump. I should be able to pull myself out of it though right? I'm a bit of a slave to a slump unfortunately. It's something I really want to change. In fact I even tried to meditate myself out of it while Molly took a nap which resulted in a cry and my taking a nap! When we woke up just as slumpy I didn't even go for the autumn walk I had planned, and I mean I had this walk planned all week because Jamie spent the day at an away game. We stayed in and I was the most rubbish version of myself.

So, tomorrow NO MORE SLUMPING. We are going to have lovely Sunday all three of us and take the dog for a big walk :) ..And I won't be eating any sugar for a week! Discalimer: I will most definitely be eating some form of sugar, I am an addict.

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  1. Ooh that's a tough challenge, good luck with it. I also love your outfit, it looks really artsyxx