Sunday, 29 September 2013

The best of Summer 2013

The other morning we woke at 6.30 and stumbled downstairs to meet the fog with tea and honey toast. We watched films and snuggled with Klaus. By lunchtime the sun had brightened and it felt like August again. I took this instagram and was reminded what a perfect summer this has been. Molly has grown from little toddler in a cot to a little girl in a huge (single) bed. Klaus learnt to wee outside. Jamie got a big promotion with a new job and I couldn't be prouder of all the hard work he does for our family. And of course I graduated- and I've not done much since ;) Sharing my life with this family, which I couldn't of even dreamt of having four years ago, is tremendously humbling. I feel so grateful to the fates that have lead me to this path. I guess I'm out of that slump. 
What a beautiful summer.


  1. Awh these photos are so cute, such sweet memories from the summer!xx

  2. Every single one is wonderful, I will look at them and remember with you what a brilliant summer we had this year, all of us, family together......and many more to come! xx

  3. your little family is the cutest ever sioned, molly is adorable, how sweet is her little top knot! (:

    L x