Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My dog is so naughty.

I was hearbroken when I came home to find stuffing all over the kitchen floor from Klaus' dog bed. He's still teething and though he doesn't chew Molly's toys anymore, and touchwood he hasn't tried any furniture since the corner of my dads chest, his bed and toys take a BEATING. As it happens Swell pets got in touch and asked if we might be interested in reviewing something from their site. We asked their advice on what would be best for a Jug to sleep on during the winter as the kitchen isn't the cosyest and they thought the self-warming bed* would be best. I love it in our country kitchen! And Klaus is so warm in the morning. I just hope it doesn't get destroyed like the last one.. I also want to note how quickly it arrived. I said yes to Swell's recommendation Friday evening and it arrived Monday morning before we left for work.

Training is going.. OK so Klaus is the best behaved dog ever when he's had two walks. When he's not, well he's an arse. To put it lightly. I sometimes use the C word.. not in front of Molly ;) He was castrated last month, which was step one. Two walks a day is step two, and in all honesty if this were possible every day there would be no need for me to swear at him but it's just not practical every morning as Mondays and Fridays we're already getting up at 6, and there's not way I'm getting up at 5.30 am for the dog (does this make me a bad owner?) Getting the trainer is step three.. I'll let you know how THAT goes. We're trying to tackle the weeing at night. He also can't help but run all over visitors. Great if they love crazy dogs. Not so great that most people (normal ones) don't love crazy dogs. But look at him!!! He's stolen my heart well and truly. Every night once Molly is in bed he is under the blanket, on my lap. I think he may of stolen Molly's heart too- but more of that in another post. Obviously he's Jamie's favourite person in the house but we knew that before we even took him home ;) 
*this bed was gifted, the dog was most definitely not ;)


  1. Can you train Klaus to stop chewing my ears please.....

    1. HA!! Purposefully, I will not be training him to stop ;) xx

  2. Oh, Klaus is a cutie. We just got a puppy that is a bit fixated on chewing on all of Daisy's toys. How did you get Klaus to stop chewing Molly's toys?!