Thursday, 7 November 2013


Watching Molly romp around in her grey onesie being poorly, drinking milk and falling asleep has taken me straight back to those dreamy baby days. The hours that drifted in and out of sleep and feeds and snuggles, those are so sweet and precious to me and I've been enjoying an extra baby-like toddler. I promise not to forget you running over to me that morning while I was sitting by the fire to say 'I like you.' it made me die and feel born again. You can be wonderfully kind with your words. 

I took the above photo on my phone on my 23rd Birthday (back in October). I had planned to work as Jamie couldn't take the day off with me but Molly was far too ill to go into Nursery. We had a quiet day, with a couple of visits and some nice phonecalls but my absolute favourite thing was hearing Molly wish me a Happy Birthday and telling my mum on the phone that she had given my 'stickers' for my present. She hadn't but hearing her tell someone what she had thought to give me was the most adorable thing! So I guess that's two things I won't forget for week 43.

A still ill Molly enjoying a tea party with the dog. I promise not to forget dunking bourbons into tea together. Quite a wonderful thing to show you while we sit in front of the (gas) fire.

Week 45's picture taken on Tuesday might be my favourite of the whole year.. but I'll post that on Sunday. This cough keeps coming and going, we went to the doctor yesterday and like usual I was told to come back if she still has it next week. Next week will make it a month and she's not been sleeping properly poor pudding. I could do with a nap if I'm honest! I'll be back with a festive themed post tomorrow ;) We will be spending the day under the duvet on the sofa watching dvds. Happy Thursday :)

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