Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Decorating and meeting that elusive Mr Claus

It seems I have a few things to post before 2014.. and it's almost upon us! To be honest we've spent this month running around cleaning, preparing, visiting and generally swept up with the season. So I'm looking forward to relaxing with leftovers throughout January!

We put up our tree on December the first. It's out tradition to go into town, grab a handmade burger and get three fun decorations from Paperchase. This year Molly chose a chicken.. he didn't last very long before he lost a leg but we love him just the same.

A little later on in the month we went to see the one and only, Santy Claus. We went with my Sister and her family on a steam train!! It was very exciting. I loved seeing Molly with her cousins at such a special occasion. Molly, who had been going on and on about seeing F. Christmas, was either startstruck or terrified when we got into his grotto.. she wouldn't say a word and didn't get closer than three feet until it was time to take her railway mug she was also given some toys, it seems little ones aren't so keen on mugs ;) Ever since she's gone on and on about seeing him again. We'll have to wait 'til next year I'm afraid Miss Roberts! .. maybe you'll be a little braver by age 4.

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