Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Molly's Third Christmas

This Christmas was the first time I have ever hosted. Now can I consider myself a real adult? I have a child but are you really an adult until you have hosted your own Christmas Day? It wasn't very pinterest, as I couldn't lay the table until the dog was safely shut out- and I didn't even get a chance to instagram my bird! But it was our first in our home and I'd safely say I'd do it again. Nothing got burnt.. nothing was forgotten. And my Nain said it was the best Turkey she had ever eaten, ever! But next time I would like a bigger kitchen and table, we were all a bit knees and elbows. So please forgive the very minimal photos, most of which were taken on my iPhone as I was too busy to play with my camera. And you know, busy being Mum ;)

Molly was thoroughly spoilt- thank you friends & fam we are so lucky to have you :)

A little late but.. Merry Christmas!!
^^ The best of a very bad bunch!

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