Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My baby's going to be three!


Molly and my wishlist for Molly's birthday on Monday. I think I deserve presents too since you know, it's my givingbirth-day ;) The necklace is for both of us (I just ordered two) because we're besties- though she's pretty keen on her paps too. I'm desperate to buy the trailer but we just don't have the space :( hurry up hurry up good fortune we would like a bigger house!

Anywho we've spent all day (in between my backache) making lists and prepping for Molly's party on Sunday. She's a great little decoration maker! All she's asked for this year is a party and a boat. She has her little pirate ship ready to unwrap now it's time to organise this party!! Remember her first birthday? The guest list IS much smaller.. though I think we'll still have trouble fitting everyone in, and controlling the dog. Who wanted a dog!? JKS Molly would freak out if her furry pal disappeared ;)

Aaaargh HOW do I have a (nearly) three year old! Though she's been telling me she's three for a few months now so.. Lets hope she doesn't start telling people she's 4 !


  1. The unicorn necklace is adorable! It's such a sweet idea to have Mummy & Daughter necklaces (:
    Happy 3rd Birthday on Monday Molly!

    L x

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  2. Three already! Time flies.
    I love that truck and the gold dress is spectacular.

    Jess | Malt Memories.