Saturday, 15 February 2014

Molly's Birthday Party.

^ Making decorations for her party
^^The AMAZING Totoro cake my very talented sister made for Molly
^Pass the parcel- I've never seen anyone so excited and her cousins were such good sports.
^Happy family shot- I didn't get any others which I am so annoyed about I tend to forget when I'm chatting away!!

As Molly's birthday was on a Monday we decided to hold her party on the Sunday. She was SO excited. The day before I bought Molly a giant '3' shaped balloon, (which btw I'm obsessed with- when it deflates I may want to replace it with a giant M but I'm not sure the dog would appreciate that, he's pretty freaked out by the whole thing) I kept it in the car overnight so it was a big surprise for her on Sunday morning. We kept the guest list down but we were still a full house despite the fact quite a few were missed (you know who you are!). 

Molly had the best time and I think the dog was part cocktail sausage by the end. When I asked her about it before she went to sleep she sang the Cbeebies birthday party song and agreed that is had been a wonderful party. I think next year it will be hard to enforce the every other year rule so we may have to get creative at a village hall or something.. or buy a bigger house ;) I'd do it again and again for her happy little spirit. 


  1. Awh, she's growing up so fast! xx

  2. Happy Birthday Molly! I love that totoro cake. It looks like she had a wonderful birthday :)

  3. I can't believe she's 3... it's crazy how quick it's gone!? She is the most beautiful :):)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY, love from Tami and Isla xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi there, aww what gorgeous pictures - she look so happy. Happy Birthday Molly.

  5. Awwhhh this is so adorable, I love all the details in the decoration. And that dolls house is incredible! Sounds liek she had an awesome time, happy birthday to her!!xx