Monday, 17 February 2014

Molly's Third Birthday

OK so I'm gonna go backwards from February 10th this week all the way up to July, so it's gonna be busy, annoying and photo heavy. But I'm ok with that. Also I've ordered disks to put my pictures on. 

It was Molly's birthday the day after the party so we both took it off work to spoil her. We decided to stay in for most of the day so that she could enjoy her enormous pile of gifts (thank you friends and family) and eat cake (thank you Aunty Rhiannon)! And in the afternoon take her for a little walk.. to find Totoro!! We had planned to go to the Swithland Woods but she was so tired from the party we decided to stay close to home. Jamie walked ahead when we got near the fields to hide them. She was so excited! I love being able to do stuff like this. I want to make the Totoro finding a thing until she gets a bit older, and then I would love to take her to Toys R Us on the eve of her birthday late at night to let her choose a gift.

Looking back, Molly's first month of being three was just so magical.

She gets sassier and more vocal everyday. I love it so much. She's hilarious, you can follow a bit of a commentary on Twitter.

I wrote this back in February: Last week Molly was 'driving' us home in the lounge and as we walked around she kept stopping and going, using her 'pedal'. It was so calculated. Each time we stopped and re-started, there went her pedal and her gear stick.

Happy Birthday Molly, I hope you felt really special. 

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