Monday, 19 May 2014

Breakfast Picnic

Our first picnic outing of the Summer.
It's been such beautiful weather and I've been feeling like I'm wasting all our time at home, so at 9am Saturday morning I had a bit of a crazy moment and decided I wanted to get out and be outside. I love our garden but it doesn't exactly feel very 'naturey' looking around and seeing a million windows! 
Fortunately our estate is surrounded by fields and it only takes about 20 minutes to walk a toddler there. Molly kept getting tired and I had to keep telling her that we were 'practicing our walking for our holiday' her response was a big huff and 'I don't want to go on holiday anymore'. Ha. Anyhow we got there and I only had to carry her for a little bit. 
I've always wanted to take pictures by this beautiful tree, so that's one thing ticked off my to do list. Slowly, slowly. 
It's such a shame that in the not so distant future this area of land will be another super-estate of overpriced generic housing backing on to our current estate :( I keep worrying that we're going to lose all of our farmable land to rubbish, cramped, poorly built housing estates, and all the empty beautiful big old homes are going to continue to stay empty. It seems such a waste. Get me a renovation project haha. Preferably in the middle of a field ;)
Anyhow, next time I'd like to get a family portrait here, with Klaus ;)

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