Sunday, 4 May 2014

Things Molly says:

As I ended up not doing the picture a week every week, I have been trying my best to note down phrases and memories to 'promise not to forget'. I thought these pictures captured Molly at three very well. Independently going 'on holiday' with her suitcase full of bracelets, coins and hair ties on her 'cowboy' Steed.

Some of my notes on my phone:

I really appreciate Molly's love for sandwiches, it rivals my own.

Last night was a fairy tale, singing and dancing with microphones around her bedroom.

Calling klaus a 'Rolley-polley sausage'. 'Doggy and I are havin' a 'nuggle' and 'Awwwh he's so nice he's so sweet!'

The way she says 'I tried my best' when she does a wee on the potty.

The way she 'swims' past me in the bath, and pats my tummy.

The way she tries to sing 'gee ceffyl' in welsh. It's more like 'hee haval'.

'Look Mummy, look at our sweet boys!' (Jamie and Klaus were asleep on the floor)

Upon asking Molly what sticker she would like: 'Would you like a star Molly?' 'No, I'll have a spider.'

When I put sweetcorn in a pan: 'Bravo Mummy'. 

'Alfie was playing with me. He's so kind.'

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