Friday, 25 April 2014

Doing Easter Right.

A photo collection from our Easter Holidays. Blogger has over-saturated everything sorry! Molly was pretty pleased with her finds. The easter bunny did good and she had outings with both sets of cousins- hurrah! 
^^Easter pancakes and nest cakes- Molly and I ate most of the mix before it got to the fridge ;)
^^ The tool kit was excessive but necessary.. Molly kept stealing my hammer :|

My sister got Molly this book for her birthday last year and it's been a firm favourite ever since, so we decided to take the children to go and see Dogs Don'd Do Ballet as an Easter treat. Molly was adorable during the show. She sat on my knee and held Jamie's hand. My 'I never want to forget' moment was when it got a bit scary and she snuggled in. Could she be any cuter?!

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