Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Girl.

Wedding selfies, before we went to Jamie's cousins reception.

Running around after Molly got a little exhausting, and I did think wow this would be so much easier if we'd got a sitter (we don't actually have a baby sitter and rarely leave Molly at night). But when I took her into the disco and she nuzzled her head into mine while we danced to the Killers, just her and me, I was reminded that I'm so lucky to experience everything with her, and not only that but through her eyes.

I love being a mother to a girl. I often wonder what kind of relationship I'd have with my child if Molly had been a boy. She's a tough girl for sure, she's strong, loves mud and despite intervention from other sources I seem to have kept her into thinking spiders are cool and not scary. She's also obsessed with long hair, ponies and dresses. So I think we have a good balance between dinosaurs and tutus.

I often wonder what sort of relationship we will have as she grows up. At the moment she's a total mummy's girl, and I really want to hold on to that. She's my best friend, I hope she feels she can always come to me. And I look forward to taking her away for mother-daughter weekends and trips for the rest of our lives. We're going to Birmingham for the day soon and later on in the month to Wales and I can't wait. She's the perfect companion.

Losing a parent so young has made me completely paranoid I might not get to be there for her growing up, and I suppose this blog is a bit of a love-letter to her to accompany her scrapbook. So if I'm extra soppy (if anyone still reads this) I'm sorry. She's just so great. 

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