Sunday, 23 March 2014

Pancakes and Parking it.

I took these pictures for my Photography class, but they sum up our weekends quite well. Also, isn't that top picture the most perfect portrait? She looks so pensive. She was annoyed that I was taking pictures and not making more pancakes.

Pancakes have become a weekly fixture in our home. A real saturday or sunday treat, except it's every weekend so less of a treat ha! They're so easy and I'm so good at it I guess I like how happy it makes Molly, Jamie and Klaus (who thoroughly enjoys any burnt bits!).

Our other regular habit is the park. Rain, shine, everything in between. It's the perfect distance for toddler legs, but just right to give the dog a workout.  I complain about our new build location, but it is great being able to walk to our local park.

Also check the toddler nail art ;)

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