Friday, 11 April 2014

It's Spring.

EDIT: It's now July.. I never published this. It dates back to April 11, but I'm posting it now- July 22 because I don't want it to get lost in the abyss. I don't know why I never hit publish. The photo is unrelated but taken in April 2014. 

It's been a month again. Maybe more. You know, blogging used to feel like using my favourtite style of biro on a wad of my favourite blank paper. Not so much recently.

I have a million half started blog posts and then, nothing to add to it. 

The first few months of 2014 have been spent working and days in with my girl taking things slow. I'm loving three, we have baths, long chats in bed, she helps me do everything and sings & dances with me, all the things you can do with a best friend. I love it. I wish I could bottle this- I don't want her to pull away when she gets her own friends haha! Yes I will be the awkward mum joining in during sleepovers.. Everyday feels like a sleepover with Molly :) 

We've had visitors from all over which has been lovely. Molly's confidence with our friends is really nice to see. I know she's gonna be ok with the trust thing. Which is a relieving feeling.

Molly has finally got chicken pox. We thought she had it a few years ago but then it turned out she didn't, she was just spotty haha! This time is for reals. And she's completely not bothered, just a little stressed out by the cream. We watched Frozen 4 times yesterday.. so I'm loving it haha.

I'm looking forward to;
- Having some of my pictures 'published'
- Starting my sketchbook
- Finishing this scarf
- Easter
- Easter cakes
- A new lawnmower
- Purging our home some more
- Finishing my book and starting a new one

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