Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Camp Bestival pt.1

Last week Jamie and I took Molly to Camp Bestival. It's like the childrens version of the Isle Of White festival Bestival. So imagine the best place on earth for a child.. a big castle, a wagon to pull you around in, ice-cream vans at every corner, story telling in the woods, play grounds, toys everywhere to pick up and play with, puppet shows, bubbles, a childrens catwalk and fairground. THAT is Camp Bestival, and so much more! I took like a million photos, and so did Jamie on his phone so I've split this into two posts, more for my own sanity ha.
So this 'bus'. Basically,, it was these two wagons/trucks connected by this crazy structure made from wood/bikes/kettles/fairylights/amazing junk that all the children (especially me) wanted to hang out on/in. I only got a picture of it as a whole (mostly) at night. But below are the pictures I forced Jamie to take of Molly and I on our bus/truck/structure adventure. Also I'll add here that every time we left the tent or any area of Camp Bestival to move on to another we named 'an adventure'. We weren't going for a wee that holiday.. we were going on an adventure. 
^^ Wouldn't this be the perfect picture if the glass wasn't so glare-y!?
My little safety girl. Also, I'm going to add here, Molly was amazing at taking turns. She had a go on the steering wheel after waiting patiently from some little oiks that had been in the front since Molly and I went on the truck, and after a short go at the wheel allowed another child to play 'driver'. We're almost worried she's too thoughtful.. 
So this little part of the woods had a special part in my heart. As a lover of all things old and junk-like, it was basically a woodland full of activities made with junk. A 'Mud Kitchen' decked out with brass and copper kitchen utensils/cookery junk, a well stocked dressing up den, fairies houses made from glitter and junk, stick people making, a 'theatre' with a wooden stage and toadstools to sit on, small baskets full of little woodland animals and so so much more. I wanted to live there. In my dreams I have a little woodland at the back of my house (nearly happened with that property I saw in Newtown Linford last year but I won't dwell) full of essentially this for Molly and I to spend our days in. It was a forestey junkey dream come true. 
While I was busy being ill (I'll discuss that in the other post) Jamie took Molly on an adventure without me. Broke my heart BUT he did photograph it all for me so I didn't miss out- awwwhhh! Made me well up that did ha. There was another one of those structures that I didn't get a chance to go on, Molly said it was very high. She also made her catwalk debut! 
On the way back to the tent after our first night Molly asked me to take a picture of the 'happy moon'. And you know what Molly I think this was the happiest moon I'd ever seen. 

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