Wednesday, 13 August 2014

On moving and decorating

Jamie and I are currently in the process of selling up/looking for our next home. We'd like some more space. So, naturally I'm obsessing over decor, pinterest inspiration, rightmove and furniture. This might be the year we do it folks, this might be the one!
SO anyway..
I'm in love with this bed, it's so beautiful. And this time we move (hopefully the last, maybe) we will have a wardrobe area large enough that means I won't have to fill boxes with underbed storage like the current get-up we have going on.
These stairs.. oh how I dream of a banister this crafted, and tiles. Jamie and I found 'the one' just before we went on holiday, except the garden was in no way private and way too open and with a little one you just can't have that. But this 'one' had a staircase to die for like this and stunning original tiles. Makes me want to weep.
I am in love with this home tour. The spacious feel. Though it would not be cosy enough for British Winters, this daybed reading nook is on point.
The rug dreams are made of. On sale. I wish I had pennies, but I can't justify actually buying anything for our imaginary new home yet :(
It's all happening though. Despite a slow start of viewings, it's all happening. Good vibes this please. I'll be doing lots of homely posts I think.. sorry for that. Ha.

*This post was sponsored, as always all opinions are my own. You know how fussy I am with decor ;)

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  1. Oh so exciting Sioned! You must let me know how you get on! I have a feeling I should do a Pinterest post at some point too! All the best with selling though my lovely!