Friday, 22 August 2014

Camp Bestival: The Wagon Diaries

I felt the wagon needed an appreciation post of its own. We bought her off Amazon for a steal, and she served us well getting all our junk to the tipi and back again, as well as save Molly's (and our) legs. Moo bear is a little bit of a lazy princess and demands to be carried very quickly on our walks! 

Halfway through the visit Jamie insisted on buying those horrendous stickers as we hadn't decorated her. Molly seemed to like the look. 

Anyway, Molly ate, made bubbles and slept in the wagon. She became an extension of Jamie's arm. And helped us stay together as a group in large crowds. To be honest I don't think I would ever do a festival with a child without one. We even took apart the sides each night to use as a barrier against the wind in the tipi. And you can't complain for £34! Sadly, when Jamie dismantled her for the last time just before we left, he broke her :( sadly she is unfixable without a welding kit. So goodbye Winnie, you served us well. We shall buy a Winnie v.2 next year and we will actually decorate her.. but shhh don't tell Winnie the first.

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  1. Oh no! what happened to her? Dan has got a small welder in our garage, if you want to pop it round, he can have a go at fixing it if you like? Just pop me a message :)