Sunday, 24 August 2014

Camp Bestival pt. 2

Part two of our mini-break. Some are from my disposable camera (I'm obsessed with them now I've discovered that Timsons develop and give you a camera for £7!!) I think they're my favourite.

^^ Another to add to the collection of awful family photos I love haha!
^^ This bubble machine from Samsam The Bubble man (below) was the biggest hit. I've never seen anyone happier about any gift. She went through two bottles of mixture before the end of the trip.
Molly's art creations in the Art Town. We have a 'take-away box circus'. Some colouring in, a card made with glitter and watercolour pens and Molly's fabric painting contribution to a large tablecloth mural. So fun! We didn't manage to get a spot at the tattoo table though. I was gutted ha. 
^^ There was this moment, it was the end of a hot day so it was suddenly feeling a little crisp, and my muscles felt deliciously achey and ready for a warm jumper and everything was just faultless. Sinead O' Connor was on stage, which was a stones throw away from where we were in the woodland area, and she was singing Nothing Compares 2U. Jamie and I were either side of a tree trunk bridge holding Molly's hand while she walked across listening to it. It was as though we had our own soundtrack, that song is really special to me and I was just so happy I could have burst.   
^Such a magical place at night
^^ On the last night Jamie fell asleep about 10pm, and Molly decided she needed another bed time wee. So we went on a last 'adventure'. She made a teenage friend in the toilet while we were brushing our teeth (I don't think I can ever not do boutique camping again, it was SO CLEAN!!). I love how she'll chat to anyone she meets. When we got back to the tent I thought I probably needed to take some pictures of the cosy fairylights our tipi was laced with. Molly asked that I take her picture, she's pretty into posing. Going for another wee when I knew she was just avoiding bedtime can be pretty annoying, but if you embrace it and take it as another opportunity to chat and connect all the while be out in a field late at night, well it's just so worth it. Parenting is so rad.    
A little girl and her Fox Tail.


  1. Molly will have some wonderful memories as she grows up, well done guys xxx

  2. Ah, so glad she had such fun with one of my bubble guns!
    Love the pics - can you email me a copy for our website?
    Samsam Bubbleman

  3. that peace sign is just darling! sounds like you all had the best time, absolutely love all the pictures! molly is so lucky to have such terrific parents. xxxx