Thursday, 28 August 2014

The time inbetween.

The time in between the 'events' is often the time I find I miss the most as each season passes. Before I finished sixth form and started my unplanned year out, just before Jamie and I got together is a time I remember fondly. I spent most if my hours and hours of time being social, but in between that I remember time spent in my bed in that lovely bedroom with the sunshine pouring in. I thought that I was miserable, there was something lacking and yes I had a lot of unhappy experiences but the time inbetween was quite still.

Similarly in mine and Jamie's first flat I spent again, hours alone. In between lectures and going out I was very much by myself. We had a spare bedroom that lead to the balcony. It was so peaceful there at my desk watching the sky change from day to night each evening. I dreamt of the future with the little girl I was growing. I'm living that future now and it's more perfect than I ever imagined.

Now that the summer is drawing to a close (though I hear we will be allowed one last blast of warmth. I hope, I hope.) and we are edging between looking for a new home and thinking of packing it in and waiting until next Spring. I keep thinking of all the inbetween moments I will miss in this place. Though I don't have much time alone, what I do I cherish and as we race through another year I will look back fondly.

I have backdated a few posts over the last month, from February to July. Each noting the moments I made the effort to picture (that's not to say that the unpictured moments weren't just as important). I would like to get better at documenting the 'inbetween' moments again in some way. So that I can clasp them for a little while longer. Now that I let the constrains of the weekly portrait go, I might try to film two minutes of each week instead. Of the little things, little conversations, tea sipped and paths walked.

Recent moments in between:
- A den made of sheets. Molly and I watched films on netflix all snuggled with our lunch. Molly thought it was nice that the dog got to have a 'holiday' like ours. While I made it she said 'Oh mummy you're so clever! I love you!'
-  Two of Molly posing. I suppose you can see where she gets it from.. The second piture was after dinner with Nain and Taid, she was looking at the ponies I was so excited to see at her age.
- Klaus enjoying some quiet time after a stomach pumping at the vets. He ate my raisins and had to spend two nights away from home.
- Molly dressed up as 'Super Fox'. Super Fox wears a handmade light cotton dress and a mask dont you know.
- Molly and her cousin Will getting Klaus aka Buster to wear Woody and Jesse, K-man is just happy to lie there and take it. He think he's one of the children.
- A little trip to Hull to say goodbye to my girl who's in Hanoi now.

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