Thursday, 28 August 2014

Daydreaming// Kitchen Table.

I had this idea when I was a little girl, largely influenced by the american videos I used to watch at my best friends house, of what makes a family home. It was of course the huge american detached house with a large wrap around garden, two large cars on the front, a family dog and a huge dining table. Space is expensive in England. Large kitchens come at a price. My ideal set up is an open plan kitchen, dining space with room for friends and family to sit while we cook. We're working on that ha. But I haven't let go of my dream of the big dining table, full of people I love, eating good food. 

Last Christmas there were six of us sitting at a 4 person table sitting on a hodge podge of fold down chairs. I couldn't decorate it because there was only just enough room for the plates and drinks! But I had a whole host of ideas ready for next time. With the way our selling is going, as mentioned yesterday it is unlikely that we will be in a new home by December. Therefore we'll be snug once again I imagine. However I haven't let go of the table dream. And rather than worrying about the Christmas table that may not be, I'm thinking about spring decorations for a housewarming next year. So much so I want to host a last one occasion here before the cold really hits inspired by above. Though we won't be sitting down to eat, it will be a lap occasion!

On my list, pretty glasses to be filled with fun drinks. A gold and pink theme, with new cutlery (ours is mostly broken or bent, and only two forks and knives actually match!)

Maybe next year we'll have the table to go with ;)

*This post was sponsored, as always all opinions are my own. 

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