Monday, 1 September 2014

Me and her

These have to be may favourite pictures with Molly other than these baby ones.

I know I'm a broken record. Everyone loves their children! But when they were handing out daughters, I got the cream of the crop. She is just so awesome.

This weekend we went for cake, she chose Ginger this time. We're going through the whole John Lewis collection (which is ending soon SOB!) We rode a bus. We bought Wreck It Ralph since she's been asking for it all week. Watched it with popcorn and our duvets on the sofa. And snuggled a whole lot. 

Baby Molly update: She is now having dry nights! They've been pretty much dry since she potty trained, but she was still wearing a nappy just in case. So, when we ran out if them this week I asked her if she wanted more, or if she would like a special blanket underneath her sheet just in case. She asked to try the blanket and here we are- no need for it!

Other news, we asked her what she'd like to dress up as for Halloween, she's quite intent on being a pizza! My girl, everyone.

She has also asked for Christmas for Lego Batman. WITH NO INFLUENCE FROM ME! As a Batman obsessed gal I'm just reminded again how awesome my little girl is. If I could keep her mine forever she'd never have friends or a husband/wife.


  1. Hello ♪ (^^) I've come across your blog today and spent a good while just going through your posts, your daughter seems SO cute and your posts are really heart-warming too. :) It's so cool your daughter actually asked for a Lego Batman (yay for Lego AND Batman!) and somehow reading through your posts and seeing your photos has made me really look forward to the day I'll hopefully have kids on my own. Either way, just wanted to say hi and tell you I'll definitely be checking back for new updates on you and Molly. ^^