Monday, 8 September 2014

Weekend diaries.

This weekend was interesting. I've been working all week so I was really ready for a break. 

Saturday, was cold. There was such a bite to the air it felt like autumn was coming and I got all worried- still clinging on to Summer over here! Our park was taken over by the Parish Fate so we took Molly and the dog down to enjoy some rides and icecream. Klaus got super jealous when Molly and I fussed another dog, and he kept shouting at dogs that were smaller than him! I think he sees smaller dogs so little he gets really excited to dominate them. We then came home and everyone except me had a nap. It was quite lovely, I ate a Toffee Crisp undisturbed! Once Molly had woken up we finished the night with the family eating chicken. I think we can all agree that's how you do Saturday right. 

Sunday, however felt like Summer was still hanging on! We put our strappy tops on and decided to explore Stony Cove. I've been recommended this place by a few people, it's only 20 minutes drive away and it's meant to be stunning (it really is). However it's not the best place to take a dog, or try and have a picnic. It's only really a good idea if you're planning to go to the bar/restaurant to eat and look out into the cove. Other than that you just feel like you're getting in the divers way. We also had such a palava getting there as before parking we were advised to go elsewhere if we wanted a picnic, so we did and it was horrible.. so we came back to eat our sandwiches and go. Anyway, next time we'll leave the dog at home and just enjoy a meal. Jamie loved driving around leicestershire for an additional half an hour ;)

Doggy-man also got the most adorable rope toys as a special treat, he's already destroyed the lion, but the giraffe is hanging on quite well. I want to get him the whole collection for christmas! 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I love fairs, not been to one in ages :( I'd like to check out Stony Cove someday too, I regret not having done more traveling whilst I was still in the UK. Next time I guess :)