Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Toddler shoes.


Molly has suddenly grown out of all of her shoes!! I really need to get to Primark to get her some nursery pumps, she's been wearing the same flimsy ballet flats for a while and they really are looking gross. But to replace all her others, I am looking at this beautiful selection! The leopard stye Next Birks will be perfect with knitted socks on our Autumn trip to Wales. And the brogues are stunning, however my most recent pair were less than £35 so I don't think we'll be splurging on those for them to only last a year if that.. 

My wardrobe has been added to a little this month, however all with ASOS summer sale stuff. So I'm pretty much sorted for next summer, autumn however is another kettle of fish :/ I'm liking Natalie's capsule wardrobe. I think I might need to go through mine and edit down. I always feel better when I open the doors and see loads of stuff I love, not bits I merely 'like'.

Might be time to have a bath and get a list on the go.. it's been a while

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