Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July Portraits

Had I kept up with a picture a week every week of Molly, these would be the pictures I'd have chosen. 

The I promise not to forget moments in my phone prompt me to remember that time Jamie and K-man were lying on the floor dosing when Molly looks over and goes 'Look Mummy, look at the sweet boys' before she went to join them. And the way that she asks me to 'give' her a story, and what a privilege to give her that gift each night. They also remind me of when I was strapping her into her carseat after we had paid for our petrol and she just told me she loved me, out of the blue. And of course not forgetting the ponies, my own little girl to play my little ponies with. I loved my little ponies, and anything horse related as a child and my heart just swells playing ponies with her. I have also found that I want to buy her everything My Little Pony as I am living out my childhood pony fantasies through her. HA. 

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