Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Strawberry Picking

Aunty Chaz is home!! Chaz is one of my people, you know the ones that just make you happy being around them. She's kind and funny, and typically lives in Abu Dhabi.. BUT she's home for the summer and every year we've said we'll take Molly Strawberry picking, and so finally we did! 

Molly only wanted to pick white ones?? But had a lot of fun doing it. And then had more fun in the £2.50 play area that had a tractor, fire engine and 'tree house' only dreams are made of, so I can sort of forgive her ;) I quite fancy going again actually, even if it's just to have a tea while Molly plays/rearranges treehouse furniture (.. for £2.50 grumble grumble).

Chaz took some beautiful pictures of Molly and I that I am in love with but I'm gonna save those for another post.

On another note, I am seriously embracing this weather. If only we could guarantee it every year I don't think anyone would have to fly abroad ever! Though I am a sweaty mess at the end of everyday.. a small price to pay I think :P

Anyway, the point I am trying to make at the end of this is, don't put off Strawberry picking because it's reasonably priced and the strawberries are much nicer than the supermarket boxes.  

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