Saturday, 12 July 2014

Flowers around this house

I would love to make this a series, but I can't afford to buy flowers and thus far haven't grown enough in our garden to justify cutting them to put in our living room! Ha. These were a gift I brought back with me from Dolgellau from a close friends garden. There is nothing more special than flowers from friends gardens. 

We go away at the end of this month and we are thinking about moving. Something I have been thinking about since we moved in here, and something we have on-off though about over the last 12 months. I'm not sure what will happen, finding the right place then finding schools aren't right, then finding the right one in the right school but not being able to move quickly enough. We might just stay here. It's a great house. It's a good house. And it's become our home. Slowly. Just not the home. 

Taking Stock:

reading// nothing I just finished Oryx and Crake and I need a rest. I'm thinking #girlboss next though, nice and easy
watching// Molly in the sun. No time for tv in the summer ;)
making// A chunky winter blanket. I'll be finished sometime next year.
drawing// Nothing, I need to get on that. Maybe a unicorn for Molly.
feeling// Strangely calm despite the chaos.
traveling// To Camp Bestival at the end of the month
wanting// To get better, I can't shake this illness.
remembering// Jamie's boss' Wedding, it was perfection. 

*Taking stock inspired by Sydney though I made up mine because cba to go searching through her archives.

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