Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Groom Room

A few weeks ago the lovely pet people at Pets At Home sent Klaus a grooming pack and invited him for a trip to the Groom Room at our local store. We use the vets at Pets at Home and Klaus had his nails done at the Groom Room when he was a puppy, but he's never had the full treatment.  We arranged an appointment on a Sunday so that we could take him together as a family. The last time he went to the store he was having his stomach pumped so we weren't sure how he'd take it. 

He insisted on Jamie cuddling him before we handed him over to the lovely team of ladies:
As it's a drop off service, we decided to leave him to it rather than peer through the windows as we didn't want him to see us and think he was being picked up. While we waited, Molly and I looked at the fish (everytime we drive past Pets at Home she asks to look at the fish!):
And then we did the food shop (aka buy Molly stickers and some snacks):
Klaus had the full VIP Treatment, and my god did he smell incredible. As part of this he got a little Halloween themed bandana!! We've always wondered if Klausey would be a bandana dog, but he's so fiesty had never bothered, but he responded quite well so we may get him another and maybe even try out a jumper this winter.

When we left him with the ladies we were a bit anxious as to how he would handle the experience having not been left at a groomers as a puppy, but when we picked him up he was in a really chipper mood! And before anyone says, of course he would be as we've just picked him up- he was really depressed and anxious after his doctors visit. I think he really enjoyed the clean because he was so relaxed and happy! I would definitely recommend the treatment, and we'll take him again as a special treat after Christmas, though I must say I really didn't want to walk him afterwards because I didn't want him to get smelly again!

As for the at home kit, so far he barks at the conditioner spray (we already knew that as we bought another fragrance in this range when we first got him as a puppy) but I am in love with it, we spray his bed with it regularly too. The shampoo has a BONE on the lid, and the Pet Head conditioner smells amazing so that's a big thumbs up from me. He LOVES the cleaning wipes, he just lies contently there while Jamie wipes him down. The towel is also a hit as Jamie walks him at 6.30am every morning and most of the time they come home damp and cold so it's perfect to give him a rub down before he makes the living room smell of wet dog. We haven't tried the clippers yet as he's only just had them done, but they're one of those dog essentials I've always meant to pick up. 
All in all, he's a very happy clean pup. Thank you Pets at Home!

*This post is not sponsored but we were gifted the Groom Room visit and the at home grooming kit. As always all opinions are my, or in this case Klaus' own.


  1. I love peering in at The Groom Room at my Pets at Home as I really enjoy a bit of dog-spotting. I've used a few Pet Head products on my cat before (yep, she's that docile that we can) and they do smell great. I didn't realise Pets at Home stocked them though and had resorted to raiding the pet section of TK Maxx, will definitely have to see if my local store stocks them for cats.

  2. OMG I love it, it is like a spa for dogs. And your photos are great!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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