Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bonfire Night

It's become a tradition to spend Bonfire Night with Molly's cousins in the village near where they live. There's a free display at a little pub and they put on a really good show while Jamie, Lindsay and I eat hot food and try and stay warm. Molly had the best time, however we had lost Alfie and Lillie when the fireworks began and Jamie was quing for food so it was just me and my girl. Perfect I thought so we found a spot on the 'hill' to watch them from, however you know when you're with someone who wants to be with someone else- Molly was like 'Where's Lil? Where's Alfie' in between each firework and I was like 'Just enjoy the display with me dammit'. Obviously I didn't say that but I thought I'd at least get another year of her doting on my ha. Anyway, pictures: 
^Worst family picture of the year award goes to..

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